Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fall Makeup Trends...

Safe to say that most of us have a go to look, either because it is something quick and simple or it may just be that you have your favorite eye shadow colors or a certain lipstick and want to use them as often as possible. Well there is nothing wrong with that but there are also trends that come and go as the seasons change. 

This autumn/winter trends are very wearable not really dramatic, the main focus is in one feature only. For example, if you decide to go with a smoky eye then wear your lips nude or if you want the focus to be on your lips then go with a more subtle eye look. The key is choosing the colors you wear wisely. For instance warm earthy tones in eye shadows are in this fall and for those days that you want your lips to be the main attraction then red and oranges are the perfect shade. As far as the rest of the face goes you want your complexion to be clean and healthy. I'm not saying go without foundation or concealer if you need it but definitely keep it to a bare minimum with the coverage. And lets not forget about the cheeks, this season you will see more pinks and peachy colors but remember that you want the focus to be on either the eyes of the lips so your cheeks must be just a subtle blush just as if it were natural. 

A picture is worth a thousand words....hehehe so I have included some pictures to give you a better idea.

Also it's worth mentioning that this is just a trend, you will follow it if you want to or not. But remember to never lose your style this is what's going to make any look your own. 

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy!!
and remember to make it a GREAT DAY!!

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