Monday, February 21, 2011

Fool Proof Way To Apply Eyelashes

Hey Everyone!! 

A lot of the times when I wear false lashes there are people that ask me why I wear them if my lashes are already long. And the answer to that is, really who is ever content with the length of their lashes?!? HA!! But the truth of the matter is that lashes don't just add length but volume as well and depending on the falsies you use they can add a dramatic, fun, or even sexy feel to your look. 

Unfortunately, for some people putting falsies on can be tricky just remember that practice makes perfect and with time you will be a pro. If you still find that applying the entire strip of lash a bit difficult there is another way to do it.This method wouldn't be useful for lashes with a lot of detail on them like stones or feathers because you have to cut the strip of lash preferably into three sections.

Here are some pictures to show you how its done:

I'm using Ardell Sexies for this
I will apply one full strip and the other eye  I will cut these into 3 separate pieces, make sure to keep the lashes you cut in order because most types of lashes are shorter on the inner end and longer toward the outer corner
Apply DUO lash glue to the lash straight from the tube, give about 30 seconds for the glue to get tacky and then apply
or you can apply a line of glue to the back of your hand and pick up the lashes with a pair to tweezers and 'dip' into the glue on your hand
again let the glue get tacky before you apply 
this is me without falsies

 My right eye (left on the screen) has the full strip and my left eye (right on screen) has the 3 mini lashes
you can't tell that they were cut to ease application and they still get the job done ☺

*Remember lashes, like anything else, will last you a long time if you handle them properly. 

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